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How long does a spray tan take to dry?
Norvell® tanning solutions will dry enough that you should be able to re-dress in about  8-12 minutes.      

Will I feel sticky after my tan?
 It is normal for there to be a slight sticky feel immediately following your tanning session.  The Norvell solution is formulated to be the fastest drying formula available.  You should feel completely dry and non-sticky within 8-12 minutes following your spray tan application.
How dark will my skin appear after one spray tan?
Tanning results will vary with each person based on each individual's skin type and pH balance of the skin. Norvell tanning solutions have been formulated to provide a color that will be appealing to almost everyone, and there are a variety of shades that will allow you to find the most natural looking effect.  
Will a sunless tan protect me from UV sun rays?
No.  You will need to apply sunblock to protect your skin from sun burn.   Spray tan solutions do not contain any SPF.  

Will I look "orange"?

No. We have perfectly blended our spray tan formula to give you that "just off the beach" look.   The "orange" color that is often associated with poor quality tanning solutions is the result of high pH levels within the skin. If you have an extremely light complexion, we can balance your skin’s pH levels prior to the tanning application with a pH balancing prep spray that will keep your skin from turning orange.        

How long after tanning can I get in the pool or ocean?
We recommend waiting for about 48 hours before you take a dip in the pool or ocean.   The chlorine in the pool can cause your tan to fade and exfoliate faster than normal.    



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